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Elite High Table Members

Elite High Table 

Focused on being an authentic resource for leaders

Anointed Leaders

Apostle Godfrey Nolands


Apostle Godfrey Andrew Nolands is the Senior Elder and founder of New Dawn International in Uitenhage, South Africa has been called to father and steward sons of God according to the Genesis 1:26 principle. This grace allows Apostle to travel the nations imaging the fathering purpose in this day, seeing many lives changed by the glory of God’s word.

New Dawn International is an Apostolic House of God that pioneers the development of the individual to effect change in society.

Apostle Nolands studied at The People Bible School. BA - University of the Western Cape and has founded organizations such as New Dawn International Church, New Dawn International business consultants and Apostolic Covenant Fellowship Network.

Apostle Nolands has further established a Pastoral Course, Leadership Academy and School of Ministry courses.

Senior Pastor Benjamin Acheampong


Senior Pastor and founder of Greater Works Chapel International.

Also CEO of Wealth Masters Group, He is a leading wealth, business and personal development expert. He is a highly sought after business coach and trainer for entrepreneurs, business owners, start ups and SMEs. Mr. Acheampong has a Mechanical Engineering Degree and Post graduate diploma from Greenwich school of management. He also has a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Hull in the United Kingdom.

He is currently the Chairperson for the Global Business Round Table UK Chapter.  He is also the Director of BA Prodigy Investment Company in Zambia.

Pastor Danny Mileto


Pastor Danny Mileto, founder, CEO and Senior Pastor at House Fellowship Ministries, Inc.

Our purpose at House Fellowship Ministries is to fulfill God’s Will. We aim to encourage and equip the saints to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We at House Fellowship Ministries use small groups called House Churches, which we conduct in homes and restaurants. In small groups we are able to help those interested understand what they believe and how to share with others the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe that the Church today is not growing because our brothers and sisters are not equipped to share the Word of God.

At House Fellowship Ministries we provide classes for new believers and those who would like to read the Bible effectively.

For additional information visit our website:

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