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About The Founder

Founder: Elder Clinton Lee

This Aluahym inspired vision is for the purpose of building leaders that will unifying the Body of Yahusha Ha Mashyach. I began meeting with local pastors here in the Wichita, KS area to see if this would be a benefit to them in their missions within their local fellowships. Many pastors and members within the 5 fold-ministry saw the value in this Aluahym centered vision and agreed to meet monthly to enhance themselves, their ministries and to share their wisdom with other pastors and leaders within the Body of Mashyach.

This vision is not just limited to pastors but to all whom Yahuah has called into the ministry and who know their place and mission within the Body.

We currently have Evangelists, Prophets, Pastors and Teachers involved in the fellowship and we look forward to growing exponentially as the vision catches on locally, nationally and then globally. We also have members across America in multiple states. Our reach has gone Global also because we have a Pastor in Cape Town South Africa and a Bishop in Uganda, Africa that participate with us via video conferencing.

About Me:

I am a Husband and a Father married to my beautiful wife, Dr. Venus Lee for over 20 years. I have been saved since 1988 and ordained a Deacon in 1989. I have been an Ordain and licensed Preacher / Teacher of the Gospel since 1994 and have led many types of fellowships stateside and abroad from Yugoslavia, Korea, Kuwait, Iraq and Turkey. I have taught in multiple military chapels across the globe, including Turkey (Asia Minor) where I lived 40 minutes from Ephesus and I have had the privilege taking the tour of the 7 called out Assemblies spoken of in Revelations, when I lived in Izmir Turkey. 

I am currently the founder of the "Leadership Fellowship" an organization that is focused on building leaders in the body of Mashyach, which will ultimately lead to unity within the body. I have a BS in Organizational Leadership from Central Christian College and a Masters in Managerial Leadership from Webster University.

Truly none of this matters if I was unaware of who I am in Mashyach Yahusha and what Yah has called me to in this hour. I have stepped out in faith on Yoh's Word that he is revealing in this day and I truly understand the vision that Yahuah has concerning His Body. I am not one who is looking for accolades or applause but I am truly seeking the fruition of the vision that Yahuah has entrusted to myself and others whom He has directed to join with us for such a time as this. Pray and if Aluahym allows you, come and grow with us and in the knowledge of Yoh's favor which is super abounded towards us.

Elder Clinton Lee

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