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Our Biblical Stance:

That although we are many members, We can only move forward once we recognize that we are all apart of One Body and that We need all to accomplish Yahuah's given Missions.

 We also hold true that no doctrine is to be used that cannot be backed up by scripture!!

We have taken a Stance that as Romans 3:4 states: That only Aluahym's Word is truth and every thing else concerning our relationship with the Father has to line up with Aluahym's Word or be rejected by true believers.

We are committed to basing all of our teachings through scripture and not man's belief's or former teachings especially if they go against the Word of Aluahym.

We Believe II Timothy 3:16, rightly divided takes precedence over every teaching and belief no matter who is stating the belief...It Must Be Based In Scripture!!!

We are focused and committed to have every Leader who participates in this Fellowship come into the Unity of the Faith as defined in Scripture. Yahuah has given me this vision with the Authority to challenge every doctrine that is not Based in Yahusha and His redemptive work of shedding His blood for the sins (crimes) against The Fathers instructions; The Turah (Torah).

We understand that just as the Pharisees (religious leaders) of Yahusha Ha Mashyach day, some Leaders in the Body of Mashiach may reject what Elohim is doing in this hour. I also know that all whom Yah has predestined to know Him intimately in the power of His resurrection and truly understand the command: "Love Ye One Another" they Will Love the truth in Yahuah's Word, for Aluahym is Love and all those who love Yah, will love His Word because as John 1:1 and verse 14 clearly state Yahusha is the Word manifested unto men. John 14:6 shows us: He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, to love Yahusha, you have to love Truth!


Call for location for the meeting - 316-530-1335


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